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Men’s Health at Fresenius Medical Care

November is a significant month for recognising the importance of men's health through #Movember. At Fresenius Medical Care, we believe it's an opportunity to shed light on our commitment to men's health year-round and discuss our initiative to support this. In a world where men's health statistics call for more action, we are dedicated to addressing specific issues that affect men, including prostate and testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide awareness, in line with Movember.

We have previously written a blog about our training in place for women, especially those going through menopause, so in this blog, we wanted to share the ways in which we support our male colleagues too.  

Why invest in men's health?  

Across the globe, the numbers regarding men's health highlight the urgent need for dedicated initiatives. Men tend to face challenges contributing to poorer health outcomes, such as less symptom awareness, lower engagement in health screenings, and limited access to health information. We aim to bridge this gap by creating awareness and facilitating proactive health engagement among men. 

Statistically, men often don’t engage or discuss their health as openly as they should. Several factors contribute to this, including societal expectations, traditional gender roles, and harmful stereotypes. Identifying potential triggers like work stress, financial worries, becoming a parent, or caring responsibilities is crucial to addressing these barriers. 

With 264 male employees comprising 30% of our UK and Ireland workforce, we recognise our responsibility to prioritise men's health within our organisation. 

To improve men's health, we are launching a series of initiatives. 

  1. Awareness Raising Sessions: We partnered with ViaVita via BHSF to deliver webinars to all employees. These sessions will cover various dimensions of well-being, causes of male mental health issues, stress management, and physical health awareness, including testicular and prostate cancer. Employees will also learn about available support resources. 
  2. Lead from the Top: Our leadership is committed to setting an example by actively engaging in these initiatives. We understand that employees are more likely to participate when they see leaders participating. This includes Line Manager awareness sessions and training.  
  3. Education: We encourage employees to consider health coaching as a means to improve their overall well-being. As well as this, we will ensure employees are aware of free checks available on the NHS.  
  4. Share Success Stories: We will regularly share success stories of individuals who sought support and experienced positive outcomes. This can help reduce stigma and encourage more men to seek help when needed. 
  5. Reminder of Benefits: We will inform our employees about the health benefits available, ensuring they have access to necessary resources. 
  6. Visible Information: We will place information about men's health in visible locations around our facilities, making it easy for employees to access relevant information. 
  7. Prioritise Mental Health Conversations: As part of our standard catchups and appraisals, we will discuss mental health, ensuring that men's mental health is a regular topic on our agenda. 

At Fresenius Medical Care, we are dedicated to making men's health better. Through our Men’s Health initiative, we aim to raise awareness, break down barriers, and support our male employees.  

This Movember, let's collaborate in prioritising men's health and ensuring that every man has the resources and knowledge to lead a healthy, fulfilling life. Get involved in Movember, and ask your friends, family and teammates to grow with you. Remember, more moustaches mean more conversations, donations and lifesaving awareness. Let’s raise awareness of men's health this month, sharing our thoughts with the hashtag #movember.