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The stay•safe system has been specifically designed to make everyday CAPD treatment more convenient.

  • Intuitive handling with the DISC, which guides patients through their dialysis
  • Reduction of risk steps with a unique PIN that closes the catheter extension before disconnection1
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability by offering system components that are PVC-free and free from harmful plasticizers (fluid bag, drainage bag and tubes) made from materials such as Biofine
  • Advanced fluid management information package as fluid management aims to better control the patient fluid status2


The prescribing information for Peritoneal Dialysis solutions can be viewed here

Support Before Therapy Starts

Getting started with CAPD

We support you with a range of specific trainings that lay the foundation for a confident start to therapy. And while everybody is preparing, we help to make sure that everything is up and running in your patients’ homes.

Preparing patients as good as possible for home dialysis.

The stay•safe MyTraining VR is currently only available in a limited number of countries. Please contact your local Fresenius Medical Care representative to find out more.

Our stay•safe system

Our CAPD treatment stay•safe system contains the safety features DISC and PIN, which are connected with PD fluids.

For patient care

The DISC is the central element of the stay•safe system, which is designed to enhance safety and convenience during the treatment.

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Guided four-step exchange

The DISC operates by simple rotation and guides patients through the essential steps of the procedure.

[Translate to English (GB):] stay safe PIN

Enhancing patient safety through PIN3

Our unique method of disconnection is designed to enhance patients’ safety. The PIN System eliminates 1,460 risk steps per patient year compared with conventional systems.1

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A place for everything

With a place for everything, the stay•safe Organizer brings together all the parts of the system patients need to perform an exchange.

Bringing it all together

The stay•safe Organizer offers built-in locations for stay•safe catheter extension and stay•safe disinfection caps.
The CAPD procedure can be performed single-handedly, which is convenient and reduces the risk of touch contamination.

Free from plasticizers

All system components including fluid bags are made from Biofine which is free from DEHP and PVC. Biofine is environmentally-friendly, capable of being recycled and incinerates to harmless carbon dioxide and water.4

Designed for effective training and therapy management

Effective training
With PIN and stay•safe DISC technology, the training is more convenient for you and your patients.

For patient compliance
The guided operation is designed to increase patient compliance and reduce handling errors.

A place for everything
The stay•safe Organizer brings together all parts of the system that your patients need for treatment.

Available in many countries
Patients can enjoy the benefits of stay•safe CAPD therapy option in many countries, enabling convenient travelling.

The color codes

The color coding clearly identifies the strengths of glucose and calcium of Fresenius Medical Care’s peritoneal dialysis solutions.

A braille system utilizing cutouts identifies the different glucose strengths.

Color coding for glucose strength as well for calcium strength.

Colored caps identify the glucose strength on the bags.

[Translate to English (GB):] DISC 1
Glucose 1,5%
[Translate to English (GB):] DISC 2
Glucose 2,3%
[Translate to English (GB):] DISC 3
Glucose 4,25%
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Your instructions for the stay•safe system

These instructions will provide you with information on how to use the stay•safe system. They are only supplementary and part of CAPD training provided by a dialysis centre.

stay•safe is a CAPD double bag system for single use. The PIN technology ensures the contamination-safe inline sealing of the system.


DISC outflow

1. Outflow


DISC flush

2. Flush


DISC inflow

3. Inflow and Inflow speed


DISC automatic sealing

4. Automatic sealing of the system with the PIN


[Translate to English (GB):] DISC organizer
stay•safe organizer

The stay•safe organizer can be used on the infusion pole with an appropriate holder, but also on a table without support. Four suction cups ensure the secure attachment to the table.

a) Inserted DISC

b) Catheter extension with disinfection cap

c) DISC protection cap

d) New disinfection cap

Expect more of us - CAPD monitoring and support

Once therapy has started, we offer a wide range of tools and services aiming to improve outcomes, reduce your workload and increase patient compliance. 

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1 Calculation: CAPD risk step analysis. stay•safe: Connections per day: 4; Disconnections per day: 0; 4 Risk steps a day *365 = 1460 Risk steps a year; Other systems: Connections per day: 4; Disconnections per day: 4; 8 Risk steps a day *365 = 2920 Risk steps per year

2 Ronco C et al. Nephrol Dial Transplant 2015; 30(5):849-858

3 Basile C et al. Blood Purif 2001; 19:79

4 Fresenius Medical Care Biofine Factsheet, 2022. Available on Request