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Critical care

Shaping the future of
multi‑organ support

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Acute blood purification

Offering renal care
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Heart and lung support

Treating pulmonary
and cardiac failure

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Therapeutic apheresis

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Shaping the future of multi-organ support

The Critical Care division of Fresenius Medical Care provides hospitals and ICUs with a comprehensive portfolio of technologies for the extracorporeal organ support of critically or otherwise severely ill patients.

As human organs are a mutually linked system, Fresenius Medical Care pursues a multi-organ support approach in Critical Care, drawing on its extensive expertise in extracorporeal blood treatment for acute kidney injury. Based on a holistic comprehension of human physiology, our goal is to develop multi-organ therapies and translate them into smart technology solutions.

With our long-standing experience in renal care, our profound therapeutic design competence and the research and development capabilities of a global leader, we are constantly working to develop new treatment options for unmet clinical needs.

Critical conditions of patients caused by e.g. severe trauma or sepsis are often accompanied by organ failure, rendering multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) as the main cause of morbidity and mortality in patients admitted to intensive care units.1-4

The early support and stabilization of vital organ functions is crucial for a favorable prognosis of patients5-8 and can provide physicians with an environment and the time in which they can concentrate on treating the root cause of the disease.

Also in terms of preventive measures, the support of malfunctioning organs with extracorporeal therapies can be pivotal for coping with cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, which would eventually lead to life-threatening conditions if left untreated.

Our multi-organ support portfolio encompasses three main areas: Acute blood purification, Heart and lung support and Therapeutic apheresis.

We offer a wide range of technologies for extracorporeal organ support, built into an ecosystem that delivers along the whole lifecycle of therapy delivery, integrating therapy technology with data analytics and patient management. As a full-service partner, our customers benefit from a holistic offering from a single source that embeds into their clinical infrastructure and daily routines.

Our therapy solutions support the goal of achieving state-of-the-art medical outcomes and provide clinicians with the tools required to practice true interdisciplinary care in an ICU, enabling them to treat critically ill patients with trusted solutions.

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