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Our social commitment focuses particularly on regional and local initiatives which support the interests of kidney patients.

Kidney Kid

Fresenius Medical Care utilizes its experience and expertise to raise awareness for good kidney health as part of the company's social commitment to local communities. In Asia-Pacific, the “Kidney Kid” corporate social responsibility initiative was launched in 2017 aiming to support the early education on kidney health for children. In Taiwan, among other countries across the region, the response to this initiative was overwhelmingly positive. Fresenius Medical Care Taiwan has educated over 800 students and teachers on kidney care in two years.

Extending the campaign in 2019, the first-ever kidney care education children’s book was launched in Taiwan. A comprehensive “edutainment” (education + entertainment) program is executed alongside the promotion of the book to educate children and their caregivers in a fun and interactive way. Joining hands with our partners and forming the “Kidney Avengers”, Fresenius Medical Care Taiwan aims to raise the Taiwanese public’s awareness of kidney disease as well as to establish a healthy lifestyle since childhood. Touring with the "Reading Hope Bus" on a year-long journey through 150 rural area schools from 2019 to 2020, the book will raise kidney care awareness everywhere in Taiwan and promote the importance of kidney health to Taiwan’s next generation.

Our emergency aid in crisis situations

Fresenius Medical Care operates dialysis facilities in many regions of the world, with diverse geographic, societal and economic conditions. As kidney dialysis patients need treatments every two to three days to survive, we have developed a robust emergency response program, which enables us to operate smoothly in the event of crisis or disaster. To continue providing our patients with their vital dialysis treatment, even in extreme conditions, we have established a system of regionally organized emergency response teams. Their task is to protect patients and employees in emergency situations and to give patients the best possible care, even under extremely difficult conditions. In addition to our disaster response activity, we donate funds, dialysis machines and medical supplies to organizations that urgently require help.

Our partners

In addition, we look for partners who share our idea to advance holistic renal health care, for example:

Renal Support Network

In the U.S., we are working with Renal Support Network (RSN) to empower people living with chronic kidney disease. Together, we are helping patients and their families become knowledgeable and proactive about their care. We believe support networks such as RSN are critical to holistic care.

National Kidney Foundation

In the U.S., we are partnering with the National Kidney Foundation to support the fight against kidney disease, one step at a time. During the last years our employees joined at several Kidney Walks organized by the National Kidney Foundation to raise money.