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Patients and families

Welcome to the patient area of the Fresenius Medical Care website!

Here we would like you, you as an individual, to find useful information and tips on all relevant aspects of kidney disease. Other patients in the same or a situation similar to yours will share their personal experiences with you and provide insights into their individual approaches to therapy!

I have kidney disease

Holding kidneys
Basic information on how your kidneys work and what to do if they stop working

My therapy options

An overview of different therapy options in case you need kidney replacement therapy

My preparation for dialysis

Do you need to start dialysis soon? Are you looking for some information and tips?

My life with dialysis

Dialysis has become a part of your everyday life. Learn more about how to maintain your quality of life

Life as a family member

Are you a family member or friend and facing the struggles of chronic kidney disease together with a loved one?

A typical patient pathway describes the journey from getting diagnosed, through gaining and understanding of management options and eventually starting therapy. Your individual preference for a therapy option may change as you continue in your journey and your circumstances change. You always have choice through shared decision making with your healthcare professional team.

Choosing the right therapy option plays a very important role for you. It helps to look at the therapy as a task to fulfil your life. Understand your treatment as a source of strength, energy and zest for life so that you can enjoy life despite having kidney disease.

Don't worry! You don't have to travel this path alone. Your healthcare team is at your side every step of the way.


The information provided on the Fresenius Medical Care website cannot replace talking to your physician. The final decision for a renal replacement therapy needs to be made with your healthcare team.