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NxStage System One

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Designed to provide simplicity, flexibility and portability

What is the NxStage System One

The NxStage System One is indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic renal failure or fluid overload using haemofiltration, haemodialysis, and/or ultrafiltration, in an acute or chronic care facility. The system is also indicated for home haemodialysis, including home nocturnal
haemodialysis. All treatments must be administered under physician’s prescription, and must be
observed by a trained and qualified person, considered to be competent in the use
of this device by the prescribing physician.

Dialysate Options

NxStage System One offers two dialysate sources. The first option is using PureFlow SL, in which a batch of dialysate can be prepared directly at home and warmed up for the treatment. The second option is pre-mixed dialysate bags, which are warmed using a fluid warmer.

Benefits of using a dedicated system: NxStage System One

Designed for patients dialysing at home

  • User interface designed with home dialysis patients in mind


Designed for frequent and flexible therapy

  • More frequent therapy is possible at home as there is no requirement to follow a hospitals treatment schedule, however the treatment frequency will need to be determined by the healthcare professional
  • Depending on their prescriptions, patients are able to schedule when they want to carry out their treatment

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Designed for home dialysis

  • Minor or no home renovations needed (this typically involves installation of a water treatment system including permanent water waste and power connections. A System One does not require any permanent connections and can be moved around the home as needed with only connection to a water tap required when in use)


Designed for portability

  • The System One cycler can be moved around (due to no requirement to be connected to a water wastage or power supply. The machine is also portable and can be operated away from the home with fluid bags)
  • There are two methods of dialysate supply, premixed dialysate bags warmed by the fluid warmer, or dialysate prepared using the PureFlow SL. The dialysate bags alleviate the need to travel with the PureFlow system


Cartridge designed for ease of use

  • Treatment performed with the use of a drop-in cartridge. After treatment, remove the cartridge and wipe the System One cycler.
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System One cartridge express

Drop-in cartridge customised for HHD treatments with NxStage System One

Cartridge Express includes an integrated dialyser and bloodlines, which facilitates an easier set-up.

Through preassembling of the dialyser to the cartridge during manufacturing, the Cartridge Express products are designed to:

  • reduce the risk for user errors related to dialyser connections
  • reduce the risk of contimination at touch-point contamination sites


Other than the express cartridge, a standard cartridge is also available which can be used with alternative dialysers dependent on patient needs.

Patient stories

How Home hemodialysis kept Matthew’s passion alive
Matthew Herbert is a UK patient who began in-center hemodialysis at age 17. In 2014, Matthew switched to home haemodialysis, and soon after started on road cycling. Now, Matthew dialyses overnight and works as a chef, using his split shifts to ride his bike for an hour.

This is an actual Home HD patient.

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Adverse incidents in relation to NxStage products must be reported to Fresenius Medical Care UK via or 01623 445 215.