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6008 CAREsystem*

6008 CAREsystem: Fresenius Medical Care

More care. Less complexity.

With the 6008 CAREsystem*, Fresenius Medical Care incorporates leading-edge technology to deliver advanced dialysis therapy more easily, leaving more time for direct patient care. More patients can benefit from improved outcomes and a higher level of care quality.

*6008 CAREsystem consists of the hemodialysis system 6008 and the associated 6008 CAREset

More care. Less complexity.

Learn more about the 6008 CAREsystem.

Red Dot design award logo

Designed for improved patient care

6008 CAREset: a unique component of the 6008 CAREsystem

Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest provider of dialysis products and services won the Red Dot Award for product design for the company’s 6008 CAREset. This advanced all-in-one disposable with pre-connected bloodlines combines with the 6008 dialysis machine to form the 6008 CAREsystem.

The Red Dot design award is an international design competition dating back to 1955. It is one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design. The 6008 CAREset won this award in the “Medical devices and technology” category.

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6008 CAREsystem cardioprotective Haemodialysis (HD)

Our commitment to cardioprotective Haemodialysis (HD): 6008 CAREsystem

Cardioprotective HD contributes to the reduction of dialysis-related risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and is close to our hearts, reflecting our commitment to continuously developing innovative products and therapies.

Driven by cardioprotective HD, we aim to offer holistic solutions for patients and healthcare professionals. HighVolumeHDF is an important solution for implementing cardioprotective HD in the 6008 CAREsystem and it is offered as a standard treatment modality.

With its advanced therapy options, the 6008 CAREsystem also addresses today’s challenges of efficiency, eco-friendliness and optimised work flows, resulting in more care and less complexity.

Advanced therapies

Advanced therapies

Less complexity in advanced therapy delivery

The 6008 CAREsystem sets standards in dialysis.

By reducing necessary handling steps and simplifying work flows, renal replacement therapy becomes less complex, leaving more time for individual patient care.

The all-in-one disposable with completely pre-connected bloodlines for all treatment modalities allows for an easy switch of treatment modalities and the delivery of HighVolumeHDF, which provides maximum flexibility. Innovative technologies enable an air-free design and the lowest extracorporeal volume, which both contribute to minimise the risk of clotting during therapy.1

6008 air-free design

Advanced therapy delivery with maximum flexibility

With a design focused on flexibility in therapy management and innovative technologies, the 6008 CAREsystem makes renal replacement therapy less complicated:

  • Air-free design and the lowest extracorporeal volume
  • Maximum flexibility in therapy delivery with only one disposable for HD, HighVolumeHDF, double-needle and single-needle treatments
6008 and HighVolumeHDF

Combining the benefits of HighVolumeHDF

Due to its potential effects on cardiovascular risk factors, HighVolumeHDF is currently considered as an effective dialysis modality.2, 3, 4, 7

Use of this advanced therapy improves outcomes, leading to fewer cardiovascular complications and a reduced CV related mortality risk.4, 5, 6

Due to the simplicity of HighVolumeHDF delivery with the 6008 CAREsystem, more patients can benefit from improved outcomes.4, 5, 6

6008 therapy support

Individual therapy support

The 6008 CAREsystem offers various state-of-the-art therapy features, allowing the treatment to be automatically and continuously optimised to achieve the best possible patient outcomes and to reduce intradialytic symptoms.

This includes:

  • Monitoring the effective dialysis dose
  • Advanced fluid management*
  • Individual temperature control*
  • Advanced access management*

* Must be purchased separately.

6008 CAREsystem Paed

Paediatric therapy : 6008 CAREsystem Paed (low volume option)

With the 6008 CAREsystem Paed, Fresenius Medical Care offers a Haemodialysis (HD) system designed specifically for the treatment of paediatric patients. It fulfils the highest quality standards for the best treatment outcomes, making HDF therapy available to children and easy to perform.

The 6008 CAREsystem is approved for use with patients between 10-40kg.

Patient and user safety

Patient and user safety

Setting benchmarks in patient safety

Safety should be a self-evident, non-negotiable aspect of dialysis. With over 30 years of experience, we offer intelligent safety solutions and state-of-the-art technologies, setting new benchmarks in patient and user safety. Safety with Fresenius Medical Care means a high level of security, thanks to the 6008 CAREsystem’s innovative safety features.

Fewer process steps and touch points critical to hygiene lead to a reduced risk of infection and cross-contamination and contribute to advanced patient and user safety. Various innovative features, like blood re-infusion in a closed circuit, ensure a high level of patient and workplace safety.

risk-related steps

Fewer risk-related steps

The sophisticated, built-in safety features offer improved patient safety with the potential to reduce undesirable incidences and simultaneously simplify daily routines.

The 6008 CAREsystem enables a reduction of process steps and touch points critical to hygiene8; for example, by offering the automatic simultaneous re-infusion (ONLINE closed-circuit re-infusion) of the arterial and venous line and the automatic connection to integrated infusion port.



Reduced risk of adverse events

With the 6008 CAREsystem, Fresenius Medical Care offers intelligent safety features which ease daily routines, while at the same time supporting the nursing staff’s responsibility as therapy providers.

  • Reduced risk of external blood loss (e.g. with VAM–Venous Access Monitor, VenAcc–wetness detector)*
  • Reduced risk of blood coagulation1
  • Reduced risk of haemolysis  (e.g. with integrated kinking detection)


Simplified work flows

Simplified work flows

Improved level of care quality

When therapy management is getting more and more complex, there is a growing demand for easy operability.

In order to optimise processes and therefore achieve economic advantages for the dialysis centre, the 6008 CAREsystem offers improved work flows. Intelligent technologies contribute to reducing user interactions required during the set-up and disconnection phases and to lower pressure on staff. With a design focused on easy handling and usability, our product features aim to facilitate therapy delivery.

Therefore, all components of the 6008 CAREsystem are aligned to simplify routine procedures, in order to give nursing staff more time for individual patient care.

6008 nurse user

Fewer user actions required

There is already a shortage of healthcare professionals to treat the ever-growing number of medically challenging patients, resulting in a need for machines with advanced capabilities which can be operated easily and reliably. 

The 6008 CAREsystem offers advanced process automation, which results in a reduced number of handling steps:

  • One-step set-up for the priming and rinsing of the extracorporeal system
  • Switch of treatment modalities at the touch of a button
  • Automatic emptying of disposables 
6008 nurse caring quality

Improved level of care quality

Health care professionals have more time for direct patient care and patient education:

  • Fewer user interactions required during the set-up and disconnection phases
  • Reduced pressure on staff
  • Advanced process automation 

Direct cost savings

Direct cost savings

Optimised economic efficiency and eco-friendliness

Ideally, a comprehensive therapeutic approach not only improves clinical outcomes, but also enhances the control of therapy costs.

The 6008 CAREsystem allows you to perform advanced renal replacement therapies in a highly efficient way, involving both economic and environmental aspects.

The all-in-one CAREset, which has a compact design and is made of lightweight material, simplifies logistics and reduces the weight of waste, thus contributing to the optimisation of economic  efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Use of resources

Sustainable use of resources

The 6008 CAREsystem supports the sustainable use of resources by saving operating costs and dialysate, as well as the potential reduction of waste and training efforts, which in turn can lead to significant cost savings.

In addition to advanced treatment options and economic benefits, the 6008 CAREsystem is also favourable in terms of eco-friendliness.9 Fresenius Medical Care supports the sensible and environmentally sustainable use of resources by saving water, concentrates and energy in the use phase, without compromising treatment quality.10

Simplified logistics

Simplified logistics and reduced waste

  • All-in-one disposable: 6008 CAREset
  • Compact design and light-weight material of the 6008 CAREset
  • Automatic emptying of all disposables
6008 CAREsystem

At a glance

The 6008 CAREsystem offers advanced therapy options for cardioprotective haemodialysis while addressing today's challenges of:

  • Efficiency
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Optimised work flows

6008 CAREsystem

6008 CAREsystem front

6008 CAREsystem front

6008 CAREsystem back

6008 CAREsystem back

All-in-one 6008 CAREset

All-in-one 6008 CAREset

If you would like to order this product via the NHS Supply Chain Catalogue, please visit the following link: NHS Supply Chain Online Catalogue

Additional information relating to multiBic or Calrecia can be found in the critical care section of our product information page.

Adverse Events Reporting 

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at or search for MHRA Yellowcard in the Google Play or Apple app store. Adverse events should also be reported to Fresenius Medical Care on 01623 445100.

UK/HEMA/FME/0922/0005 Date of Preparation: November 2022

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