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Home hemodialysis

Why home hemodialysis (Home HD)?

Home HD is a home-based and therefore a flexible treatment option. Patients dialysing at home can, within the prescribed treatment plan, vary the frequency of dialysis treatment and therefore can benefit from improvement in aspects of quality of life and medical outcomes as described in more detail in the following.1,2

In the following we answer some of your questions, including:

  • How can Fresenius Medical Care support outcomes for my HHD patients?
  • Which training solutions does Fresenius Medical Care offer for patients and HCPs?
  • How does Fresenius Medical Care enable reliable technical support?

Our Products

NxStage VersiHD
  • Setup and system installation, with an option of two dialysate sources, either pre-mixed bags or PureFlow SL, that produces dialysate directly at the point-of-care
  • Convenient handling with a unique cartridge system and an intuitive interface
  • Portability due to a small and compact size / design (Height: 46cm. Width: 38cm. Depth: 38cm. Weight: 34kg)
  • Indications for use - The NxStage system is indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic renal failure or fluid overload using hemofiltration, hemodialysis, and/or ultrafiltration, in an acute or chronic care facility. The system is also indicated for home hemodialysis, including home nocturnal hemodialysis. All treatments must be administered under a physician's prescription, and must be observed by a trained and qualified person, considered to be competent in the use of this device by the prescribing physician.
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5008S CorDiax*
  • Individually adjustable with a variety of therapy
    prescriptions which can be adapted to patients’ evolving medical and lifestyle needs
  • Performance you trust and know from our in-center devices, available for your patients at home.
  • A way to save time and reduce steps due to automatic disinfection of the AquaC UNO H water treatment system, which requires little to no disinfection by the patient

* The 5008S CorDiax consists of the product 5008S and a software version greater than 4.50. All features described are offered with the 5008S CorDiax.

  • Indications for use - The device is used for the extracorporeal blood treatment of patients with a dry weight of more than 40 kg suffering from renal insufficiency
Discover more about our NxStage VersiHD and 5008S CorDiax

The NxStage VersiHD home hemodialysis machine offers the convenience of portability for treatment in the comfort of a patient’s home.

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Performance you know and trust in-center – the 5008S CorDiax is also available at home, offering different benefits for patients.

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How home dialysis can improve patients' lives

Fresenius Medical Care offers flexible home hemodialysis therapy options that allow patients to dialyse during the day or night. When dialysing at night, patients are able to sleep during treatment, allowing them to spend their day their way.

Take part in making patients’ lives easier

As a healthcare professional, together with your patients, you can choose a system that works best for their lifestyles and individual requirements.

Why patients can benefit from home hemodialysis

Most people who perform home hemodialysis may extend their treatment time per week, if required, to improve their treatment outcomes. This can be done by performing their therapy more frequently at four to seven days a week and/or performing their treatment overnight.

More flexibility & control

Home hemodialysis gives your patient the freedom to spend more time doing the things they like to do. Whether their passion is fishing or traveling, home hemodialysis has the potential to give them the flexibility to better engage in employment and social life! 7

More frequent hemodialysis is associated with:

heart CVD

Less stress on the heart 3,4

blood cell

Better blood pressure control with fewer medications 4,5


Less restrictive diet 2,6

Treatment options

At home you can adjust frequency and duration of dialysis for your patients.

Shared decision making between patient and physician supports finding the right therapy fit - depending on patients’ therapy needs and lifestyle.

More frequent and / or long duration hemodialysis has been shown to improve clinical outcomes.

Nocturnal home hemodialysis

Home nocturnal hemodialysis is performed overnight while the patient and care partner are sleeping. It can be a slower and longer treatment that more closely resembles healthy kidney function, which may be gentler on the heart (e.g. reduction of left ventricular mass, hypertension and interdialytic hypotension) compared to standard thrice-weekly dialysis. 5,11

Nocturnal hemodialysis has been shown to improve phosphorus control, which could result in a more liberal diet.11

Moreover, extended weekly dialysis time may improve ß2m clearance compared to thrice-weekly hemodialysis.12

In addition, patients are able to spend more time during the day for work, childcare and travel. Nocturnal HHD may also relieve scheduling concerns for care partners.

Let us help you get started and grow your home hemodialysis program.

Training – Advanced treatment, simple setup

Getting started with HHD

With HHD, a highly effective treatment is moving in, that today can be set up and run conveniently in the patients’ homes. From training videos for caregivers and patients to home setup by a team of specialists, we get it right from the start.

Support and monitor – In touch with every treatment

HHD monitoring and support

Once HHD therapy is running, we offer a range of services to support you in conveniently reducing your workload and reducing treatment interruptions.

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The NxStage VersiHD home hemodialysis machine offers the convenience of portability for treatment in the comfort of a patient’s home.

[Translate to English (GB):] man sitting next to 5008S CorDiax

Performance you know and trust in-center – the 5008S CorDiax is also available at home, offering different benefits for patients.

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