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Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) management software designed for your team

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) management software designed for your team

  • Individual prescription support
  • Treatment results and analysis
  • Patient follow-up with an in-depth overview of PD therapy

At a glance

Simplifying PD management

Fresenius Medical Care’s PatientOnLine software facilitates truly individualised PD therapy management. It is designed to support clinical decision making and increase team efficiency by improving accessibility to patient therapy information. Evidence-based prescription modelling and intuitive reporting assist you in achieving PD adequacy goals by generating more accurate, individually-tailored treatment regimens.

PatientOnLine enhances clinical work flows

PatientOnLine integrates the entire PD therapy process with clinical assessment tools that fit easily into your daily routine. This software dramatically changes the way patient data supports clinical work flow, giving you a complete overview and control of all aspects of PD.

Two physicians examine a survey

Guided decision-making

Understanding the current patient condition better

Adequate dialysis has a significant impact on patient outcome. PatientOnLine assists you in achieving adequate dialysis by quickly summarising the vast amounts of patient-specific parameters needed to create and assess a prescription. PatientOnLine provides solid clinical information that facilitates your decision-making and optimises treatment for the benefit of the patient.
With PatientOnLine you can:

  • Easily determine the right treatment modality for your patients.
  • Improve dialysis adequacy by individualising your patients’ CAPD or APD treatments.
  • Use the prescription modelling tool to predict if your patients will reach dialysis targets.
  • Quickly and easily navigate through large amounts of detailed medical information required to analyse current patient status.
  • Eliminate the trial and error phase and improve the accuracy of prescription development.
  • Use the software for multiple modalities (CAPD, APD or a combination of both).
  • Bring transparency to current patient status by factoring in the adequacy test results of your choice (Peritoneal Function Test (PFT) or Peritoneal Equilibration Test (PET) + 24-hour batch collection)

Get decision reassurance with adequacy and prescription modeling

PatientOnLine enhances your decision making process by predicting the outcome of proposed changes before they are made. This feature makes it easier to modify and individualise treatments for challenges during PD.

PD challenges are things such as:

  • Changes in the peritoneal membrane
  • Changes in weight and nutrition
  • Changes in ultrafiltration
  • Decline in residual renal function
  • Fluid management

The approach you take is entirely up to you

Because it is designed to work with you, PatientOnLine gives you options. You can create a new prescription or predict the outcome of an existing one.

  • Enter your desired dialysis targets and PatientOnLine will generate a prescription


  • Enter a prescription and PatientOnLine will provide you with possible dialysis outcomes

Caring for your patients takes time – managing clinical information shouldn’t

PatientOnLine home work flow
All the information you need in one place PatientOnLine delivers a complete specialised PD management solution for the entire renal care team. It is designed around the work flow of your clinical staff, giving them fast, easy access to important patient data. The team spends less time managing the data and more time focusing on patient care.
Clinical team members can:
  • Manage all patient information easily
  • Capture comprehensive patient history and evolution
  • Easily add, change or update patient records with PatientOnLine’s intuitive user interface
  • Use the network infrastructure to simultaneously access and share therapy relevant information
  • Create and print custom reports based on your criteria
  • Protect patient confidentiality by storing data on a centralised server
  • Work with paediatric and adult patients regardless of therapy modality

Save even more time with device integration
PatientOnLine increases clinical productivity by reducing the staff time needed to perform tasks that can be done quickly and easily by devices. Clinical staff can easily transfer and update patient information using the APD cyclers or the BCM-Body Composition Monitor to the PatientOnLine software.
  • Better understand current patient fluid and nutritional status by transferring BCM-Body Composition Monitor measurements to the PatientOnLine software
  • Upload treatment results, view compliance history or transfer APD prescription settings with the sleep safe patient card or sleep safe harmony patient card plus
  • Ensures accurate patient data and minimises human error by reducing staff time needed to manually input information


Transform patient data into powerful statistical reports

Physician looking at monitor data
Performing statistical analysis does not have to be a time-consuming or challenging task. PatientOnLine software quickly generates all needed statistical analyses, allowing you to extrapolate vital information needed for continual therapy improvement and scientific research:
  • Better information means that your medical team can refine their therapeutic decisions and objectively choose between various strategies, creating greater benefits for all patients.
  • Better understand current patient conditions by analysing the trends of key medical parameters such as renal function, clearances and nutritional status.
  • Evaluate individual patients or your entire patient population to identify how many are reaching adequacy targets and other parameters.
  • Easily create performance related reports for clinical benchmarking, such as infection rate analysis.
  • Comprehensive and insightful statistical analysis gives you the chance to investigate and initiate new research topics.

Advanced features, more options

Single patient statistics – trends:

  • Residual renal function
  • Clearances
  • Nutritional status
  • Laboratory data, etc.
  • Infections

Statistics for groups of patients:

  • Flexible, user-defined criteria for creating patient groups
  • Histograms – the distribution of patients for a certain parameter
  • Cross-correlations – dependencies between various medical parameters

Committed to service and support

To help improve clinical effectiveness, Fresenius Medical Care offers complimentary services for PatientOnLine implementation and ongoing support. These services will significantly improve the value you derive from the software, improving your overall return on investment and satisfaction.

Our local support teams are trained to work with your technical and clinical staff to ensure that PatientOnLine software is available and meeting your clinical needs.

Additional information relating to multiBic or Calrecia can be found in the critical care section of our product information page.

Adverse Events Reporting 

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at or search for MHRA Yellowcard in the Google Play or Apple app store. Adverse events should also be reported to Fresenius Medical Care on 01623 445100.

UK/HEMA/FME/0922/0005 Date of Preparation: November 2022

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