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For physicians

The medical need for Renal IT solutions in chronic kidney disease

Renal IT solutions for physicians

  • Long-term documentation 
  • Manage treatments and medications 
  • Support patient safety and higher quality
All relevant data to support optimal patient care is at your fingertips

Collecting and analysing data

All relevant data to support optimal patient care is at your fingertips

Optimal patient care is only possible with the right data. This can only be achieved using centralised clinical management software. Software that supports your patient management – from importing data from other clinical systems, to treatment decision reports.

Fresenius Medical Care’s Therapy Support Suite (TSS) is the heart of the Therapy Data Management System that allows for the easy collection and analysis of data. The Therapy Support Suite handles: creating and managing patient prescriptions, medication plans, treatment documentation, laboratory data and aggregates reports across dialysis centres.

TSS provides data needed for pre-setting dialysis devices for each patient, documents the long-term treatment process and handles customised presentations of data and processes in flexible reports and comprehensive views. TSS manages clinical processes, allowing for a quick and easy overview of scheduled treatments.

Discover the Therapy Data Management System

Quality assurance in dialysis

Quality assurance in dialysis

Data analysis is the heart of dialysis clinic efficiency

Quality assurance in dialysis means continuously measuring and interpreting results and outcomes and defining the right intervention. Data analysis is the heart of driving dialysis clinic efficiency.

Quality assurance needs contextual data − both aggregated and specific - to view different perspectives.

Fresenius Medical Care’s Nephrological Cockpit is the key to quality assurance in dialysis therapy.

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