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Patients and families

Patients and families

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6008 CAREsystem: Fresenius Medical Care

6008 CAREsystem

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“How can we offer our patients the best possible treatment?”

The Global Medical Office (GMO) opens up promising new opportunities to transform health…

“How do I stay in charge?”

Home haemodialysis allows Anvil Nelson Jnr to stay active and pursue a full and busy…

The Doctor App allows physicians to tailor dialysis treatment individually from any location.

“How can we improve and speed up medical decisions?”

Stronger together throughout the pandemic – for our patients

Stronger together throughout the pandemic – for our patients

“How do we gain greater recognition for nursing care?”

Every day, our nurses make a significant contribution to the well-being of our patients.

“How do I ask someone to help save a life?”

Clinical manager Barbara Miller and her story of becoming a kidney donor.

"Who ensures that I get the very best care?"

In Finland, Fresenius Medical Care made the leap from products to the service business.

One year after the hurricane

Taking care of our employees, so they can take care of our patients.

A vast island nation story

Fresenius Medical Care employees expand healthcare, even in remote parts.

Dialysis patient mobile application from NephroCare

A smart companion helps an active lifestyle.

A market in motion

Dialysis care in China.

A superhero wins over the Asia-Pacific region

Fresenius Medical Care visits various schools in Taiwan to increase students' knowledge…

Twenty years of Fresenius Medical Care story

Twenty years of creating a future worth living.

The life-long learner

The life-long learner.

Diary of a dialysis patient story

Reverend Dr Gregory E. Thomas on his first 120 days on dialysis.

Cradle of innovation

Global development in the new Technology Center in Schweinfurt.

The history of dialysis

From historical manuscripts to modern dialysis.

A story about hospitalist care with a personal touch

A day in the life of hospitalist Dr Rana Tan.

Automated Peritoneal Dialysis (APD) treatment

Dialysis in a familiar environment.

Prevention programmes can slow down the progression of kidney disease

There’s not much I can’t do.

Integrating Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) therapy into an active and mobile life

Impossible? – Is nothing!

A story about an almost normal life thanks to home dialysis

Ninety minutes of daily therapy easily integrated into everyday life.

Learning to move story

A sport project for dialysis patients in Argentina.

Seventeen thousand, nine hundred sixty-two miles halfway around the world story

The amazing journey of a dialysis machine.

A successful, series-produced model story

More than half of all dialysis machines used worldwide are made by Fresenius Medical…

We care about kidneys

Fresenius Medical Care is the world's leading provider of products and services for individuals with renal diseases, of which around 3.9 million patients worldwide regularly undergo dialysis treatment.

Fresenius Medical Care is also the leading provider of dialysis products, such as dialysis machines or dialysers. Along with its core business, the Renal Care Continuum, the company focuses on expanding into complementary areas and into the field of critical care.

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