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Training and education

Nurses and doctors dealing with dialysis

Education and services to support your therapy programme

  • Product training
  • Product application training
  • Scientific and therapeutic knowledge
  • Training for patients and family
Fresenius Medical Care training and education

Training for healthcare professionals

We are here for you from the start

Fresenius Medical Care supports your start with dialysis. Our competent therapy specialist nurses, therapy support assistants, clinical application specialists and sales teams are here to support you with official introductory training sessions for our devices and therapy systems. They also provide support for the applications and therapy during your daily routine.

A sample of the official introductory trainings we offer 

Fulfilling training requirements

  • Well-educated therapy specialist nurses provide your introductory training for the use of medical devices
  • Training ensures that medical devices and accessories are installed properly, maintained and used in accordance with their intended purpose
  • Specialised teams offer training and information required for Fresenius Medical Care medicinal products

Individualised therapy workshops include

  • Ensuring knowledge for successful therapy settings
  • Support during your therapy regimes
  • Workshops on up-to-date scientific topics

For the above training, Fresenius Medical Care offers several tools to support healthcare professionals in using products and therapies, including:

  • Operating manuals and instructions for use
  • Product application training record/checklists
  • Other specific user guides
  • and best practice advice

Nurse and doctor training a peritoneal dialysis patient

Supporting patient training

Training support in home care settings: as individual as your patients

To create compliance and confidence for patients at home, such as those on Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) or Home Haemodialysis (HHD), it is essential to ensure a training programme which meets the individual needs and learning abilities of your patients.

Based on specific local requirements and regulations, Fresenius Medical Care offers full training support for local healthcare professional teams and patients.

Our products for home treatment offer advanced technology aimed at improving patient care. Specific product features supports user training such as:

  • Guiding animations directly on the device guide patients through the entire procedure 
  • Large touch screens support accessibility and simplify device handling

Contacts for training

For a full list of training and services available to support therapy programmes, please contact your local Fresenius Medical Care sales representative.