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For clinical management 

Renal IT solutions for clinical management

Renal IT solutions for clinical management

  • Shared management of dialysis treatment data
  • Long-term treatment documentation
  • Managing prescriptions and pre-setting devices 
  • Exchange of patient data with Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Patient care and quality control

Patient care and quality control

Improving chronic kidney disease patient care and quality control

Improving quality control requires a tool to measure quality continuously. Quality assurance in dialysis means a continuous process of defining target values for key indicators to measure outcomes, interpret results and intervene. This is done for individuals and groups of patients in a centre or network.

Data analysis drives effectiveness and efficiency in a dialysis clinic and for Home Haemodialysis (HHD) patients.

Data must be contextual relating to gender, comorbidity, medical data and date. In order to allow the analysis for longitudinal studies or questions related to particular dates, data must be both aggregated and yet specific, so you can drill down in the same view from different perspectives (patient and clinic).

Chronic kidney disease patient care can be improved with the Therapy Data Management System. This integrated system allows more closely controlled patient care: to find insights into recent and past patient history, to get lab data analysis, to report summaries, to track allergies, to follow medication lists and to check interactions and patient alarms.

How can you optimise your resources? 

Fresenius Medical Care’s communication Data Link (cDL)

cDL allows the seamless integration of the Therapy Data Management System as a sub-system in a higher-level Hospital Information System (HIS). The direct data exchange allows a consistent use of essential patient data in all hospital wards. This takes from the workload of clinical staff and increases the quality and accuracy of patient data processed in the HIS. It saves valuable time and increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the core hospital processes, such as billing processes or treatment documentation, in electronic health records. Furthermore, it puts the hospital in a position to demonstrate the high quality of the hospital standards. The cDL is part of the Therapy Data Management System.

Learn more about the cDL

Additional information relating to multiBic or Calrecia can be found in the critical care section of our product information page.

Adverse Events Reporting 

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at or search for MHRA Yellowcard in the Google Play or Apple app store. Adverse events should also be reported to Fresenius Medical Care on 01623 445100.

UK/HEMA/FME/0922/0005 Date of Preparation: November 2022

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