Merthyr renal unit opened by Max Boyce and welsh health minister Mark Drakeford

The new dialysis unit was opened on 8th April 2014 by Health Minister Mark Drakeford and welsh legend Max Boyce.

Fresenius Medical Care Renal Services Ltd. were awarded the contract to build and run the old unit in Prince Charles Hospital, which has  been experiencing maintenance problems with the fabric of the current building, air conditioning and water supply.

It is hoped the new facility will improve the experience of its patients in a number of ways, including more capacity than the older unit – an additional 17 stations – allowing all patients to be treated locally. There will also be cubicles for increased privacy for patients.

The facility can also provide local treatment for a wider range of patients than the original unit – such as those with a blood borne virus.

The unit also contains a self care area, which once in use will further encourage greater independence, a key factor in managing long term conditions such as Chronic Kidney Disease. It also contains a training area for home dialysis, providing a helpful transition between unit and home.

Health Minister Mark Drakeford said: “this new unit has more space, greater opportunity for privacy, more light and is a welcoming area, all of which will help improve the patient experience.”

Nicola Shaw, Regional Business Manager for Fresenius Medical Care Renal Services Ltd. said, ‘This really is a first class facility for patients offering the latest treatments. We are delighted to have been to chosen to deliver the new service.’

Dr Chris Jones, chairman of the Cwm Taf Health Board said:

“I am sure all of us would want to give our best wishes to the dialysis patients and their families who will use this wonderful facility.This will be of great benefit to the community and I want to thank the staff for their professionalism and hard work. Well done to all involved.”

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